Business advice with added impact

If you want to own a better, bigger and more valuable business, you may recognise the need for some extra horsepower – a business adviser to work alongside you, someone to stimulate new and exciting ways of running your business, and someone who commits to the same objectives and shares the same values as you.

At Henchards, we believe you are the hero in the story of your business.  If you aren’t yet in that role, we’ll help you achieve your goals, enjoy being a business leader and, in the process, create business wealth for you and your loved ones to enjoy in the future.

With our blend of trusted business advice and expert support, we work with you to plot the story of your business, recruit the best characters, navigate the twists and turns, and create a happy ending.

Our business advice programme will support you and your business as you create a plan, become a better leader, accelerate growth and, eventually, exit the business. Get started with a 10-step review to help you define your immediate goals and future objectives.