Laying the groundwork for a better business

Most businesses have a business growth strategy.  But what if that strategy just isn’t working, or is losing steam?  Henchards is here to help you give that strategy a much-needed boost.

We’ll start by looking at your current activity to assess exactly where you are.  Then we’ll help you evaluate what is and isn’t working, and set up the controls, systems and processes that are necessary for growing your business.

A big part of this is improving cash flow and profitability, identifying cost reductions, and putting in place meaningful reporting and analysis.  We know how this is done and will guide you to do only what adds value for your business.  In addition, we’ll look for ways to grow through better business development and improved sales and marketing, including attracting (and keeping) more customers.

Identifying new ways to inject growth into your business

It’s not just about optimising your current strategies.  We’ll also assess new business growth opportunities, such as buying a business (acquisition), entering new markets, partnering, licensing and franchising.  These strategies are just as appropriate for small and medium-sized owner-manged companies as they are for bigger corporates.  Whilst you may always continue your organic growth, these strategies give you the potential for a step-change in growth.

Because we set out the pros and cons of each approach in plain English, you can confidently decide which strategy suits your company, your resources and your ambitions. Whatever route you choose, we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

To start a conversation on your business growth strategy, and how to create a more valuable, profitable business, drop us a line today.