Helping you be a better leader and manager

If you want to be the hero in the story of your business, you need to be a great leader.  And great leadership is about knowing how to get the very best out of your time, your money and your team.  At the same time, as a business owner, it’s likely you also need to handle the more everyday aspects of people and performance management.

At Henchards, we understand the role of business owner inside out, and we use this knowledge to help you drive performance – both your own performance as a manager and leader, and the performance of your people.  This includes recruiting, developing and retaining the best management team for your business, and all aspects of managing and delivering a high-performance culture.

Building the leadership your company needs

We’ll work with you on a one-to-one basis or with you and your management team – whatever best suits your needs.  And we’ll tailor our approach to your business, using the appropriate mix of business adviser, mentor, coach and non-executive director, depending on your requirements.

Not only will we help you with your leadership planning and development, we are also available to provide support, advice, guidance and a trusted ear when you need to share opportunities and issues as they arise in the business. And if you need specialist advice, for example, with an HR matter, we know exactly who to call.

With our support, you can develop your management and leadership styles, and know when and how to deploy different approaches.  We use a suite of business improvement tools and processes to assess how things are going right now, establish measurements, set targets and agree actions that get you exactly where you need to be: leading your business towards a prosperous future.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you on your own leadership development journey, and drive improved performance right across the business.