Now we’re 16

We’ll be Pretty in Pink, blowing out our 16 Candles like Molly Ringwald. We’ll be getting Footloose and showing those Breakfast Club kids how to really dance. Maybe we’ll even have an epic day off, like Ferris Bueller. Why not? After all, nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Why have we got cult teen movies on the brain? Because Henchards is turning 16 this month, that’s why.

Like any self-respecting 16-year-old, having come of age, we’re looking forward to finally buying a lottery ticket, driving a moped and getting a private pilot licence (yes, that last one surprised us too). But, sadly, we’ll have to wait until we’re 18 before we can place a bet, buy fireworks, get a tattoo and, ahem, run for election.

In other words, we’ve come a long way, but we’ve still got some growing to do. And that’s a sentiment any business owner can identify with – when you run a business, you’re constantly taking stock of where you are now and where you want to be in the future. For now, we’re just looking forward to raising Henchards and our clients’ businesses to new heights … just like John Cusack holding aloft that ghetto blaster in Say Anything.

Whether your business is an awkward pre-teen, coming of age like us, or more mature, Henchards will work with you to plan, lead, grow and exit a successful business. Discover how we can help you celebrate many more happy business birthdays.